Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Easy does it

Approximate miles ran in past year: 6. Miles cycled: 40. Miles swam: 6. With this impressive fitness background I embark on my latest adventure with Lauren: training for the Grand Columbian Ironman Triathlon on September 15th.

We started the training out with a run around Greenlake in Seattle, Wa. This is a mellow 2.7 mile loop that we have both run a ton of times before. I knew we were back home in Seattle when it started raining on us during the run. I don't know how I did it for all those years, the weather in Seattle is a bummer. This is still probably my favorite place to run, though,because of the cool atmosphere and childhood memories.

The highlight of our time in Seattle was meeting my new baby niece, Lauren. She is calm, sweet and beautiful. She doesn't do a whole lot yet, but we'll give her a break because she is only 2 months old. Amazingly, when I was holding her she whispered "Uncle Nels, you are my favorite uncle and I love you the most."

In Spokane we took some nice runs and played a little tennis. The neighborhoods are great for running: not many cars, pleasant scenery, the works. Overall, the first phase of the training was mellow. Next month is the step-up. We'll see.

March 25th- 2.7 mile lap at Greenlake
26th- Nada
27th- Nada
28th- 45 min. jog around South Hill
29th- 45 min. bicycle ride S. Hill
30th- 1 hr. tennis
31st- 1hr jog on S. Hill

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Wudaifu said...

You forgot to mention that while waiting the start of the Bloomsday Race, you were fortunate enough to get to stand in the presence of the S.O.G.
(ask John, Joe or Sam if you require an explanation)